Rainmeter原本是一个系统状态监视软件,由于其强大的可定制性及拓展性,诸多使用者在原来的基础上开发了成百上千的插件程序和皮肤样式,使得现在的Rainmeter几乎成为一款完美的系统美化工具。受到众多美化爱好者的青睐。Rainmeter的皮肤大都走抽象、简洁的设计路线,非常适合作为一款桌面美化软件。现在它的功能已经得到了极大的扩展,rss feeder、邮件监视器等常用功能都能够实现,而低资源占用和简易的设计方式为它赢得了大批用户。



Rainmeter 4.3 Release

You can safely install the new 4.3 release version right over your existing Rainmeter 4.2 or any earlier installation, and nothing you have done will be lost or changed. There is never any need to uninstall any earlier version of Rainmeter to use the newest version.

Rainmeter 4.3 will run on Microsoft Windows 7 through 10. Windows XP and Vista are not supported.

Major additions and changes in Rainmeter 4.3

Direct2D and Hardware Acceleration

Rainmeter 4.3 has changed entirely from using an older GDI+ graphics engine in Windows to the more modern and capable Direct2D (known as D2D for short). Not only does D2D offer additional capabilities we will be taking advantage of in the near future, but it also allows us to optionally support hardware acceleration. (known as HWA for short) This means that some of the processing, and the memory used, can be offloaded from the CPU to the GPU, and things will be rendered or "draw" significantly faster.

Hardware acceleration defaults to "off". This to help us to identify general issues that might come up with the conversion from GDI+ to D2D, and isolate any problems that are strictly related to hardware acceleration. Hardware acceleration can be turned "on" in the Settings dialog, and we recommend it. Future versions will change the default to "on" in Rainmeter.

Hardware acceleration and Intel HD integrated graphics: There is a known issue with certain Intel HD integrated graphics chips, often seen on laptop computers, and hardware acceleration. This is due to a bug in the drivers for these chips from Intel, and the problem can generally be solved by updating your system to the most recent version of the graphics drivers from Intel. Details and suggestions for this issue are at: Intel HD Graphics drawing issue(s) with hardware acceleration

Reporting problems with Direct2D: We would be very interested in anything you see that is "different" for you when using Rainmeter 4.3. Things that looked different in Rainmeter 4.2. The goal here is to ensure that we fully protect backwards compatibility with existing skins in the change from GDI+ to D2D. Any skin you run in Rainmeter 4.2 should look and work exactly the same in Rainmeter 4.3. Please report these issues in this forum area: Rainmeter 4.3 D2D Issues.

New Container Functionality

Added a new Container option to all meter types. This will allow you to place the contents of a meter inside another meter, acting as both a "container" and a "mask". See the documentation for important details and a .rmskin with several examples.

Other enhancements and fixes in Rainmeter 4.3

Section Variables: Added new [SomeMeter:XW] and [SomeMeter:YH] section variables to allow you to make a meter relative to the end of another meter without requiring X=([SomeMeter:X] + [SomeMeter:W]) as a formula.

Line meter: Added a new TransformStroke option, which determines how the line (stroke) width is treated when TransformationMatrix is used on the meter.

About dialog: Corrected an inconsistency with how Measure and Variable values are "displayed" in the About/Skins dialog, and what is "copied" to the Windows clipboard when you use CTRL-C or right-click to copy string values. All string values will display up to 259 characters in the dialog window, being truncated and appended with "..." if longer. The full length of the value will always be copied to the clipboard.

AudioLevel plugin: Fixed an incompatibility with the Nahimic audio driver.

NowPlaying: Corrected an old issue with the Lyrics PlayerType option.

AccurateText: When AccurateText=1 and the size of a meter was used in a dynamic way in a formula, any fractional amount of size was being rounded down, or truncated. This has been changed so fractional amounts are rounded up to the nearest whole pixel.

Rainmeter Installer: If Rainmeter was previously installed wtih "Launch Rainmeter on startup", re-installing it with that box unchecked would not remove the shortcut from the Startup folder.

Skin Installer: Corrected an issue where skins and layouts that were selected to load after the installation of a .rmskin were often not being loaded.

Manage dialog: Corrected an issue where information in the dialog was not properly updated when a layout is loaded.

Rainmeter: Using the notification area tray icon will now properly restore minimized Manage, About and New skin dialogs.




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