What's new in Tixati 2.67:

fixed problems when loading torrents that have odd piece sizes

bandwidth graphs can be zoomed out to show several weeks of history

time labels for bandwidth graphs

time lines for bandwidth graphs

time tooltips for bandwidth graphs

history persists between sessions for main bandwidth graphs, DHT, and auto-limit ping

right-clicking a bandwidth graph shows menus which can be used to fully customize appearance

added several new colors to Settings > User Interface > Custom Colors for time lines

updated default Dark / Light color schemes

averaging algorithms for graphs are now much more accurate, especially with level-based data

fixed zoom buttons in peer properties view

fixed WebUI graph rendering when using system default colors

updated WebUI graph rendering to support zoom out by prefixing zoom level with letter 'o' in image file name

fixed several minor display problems when using very high resolution displays with large fonts

new button in search allows multiple floating search windows

search windows now show results as they are discovered, no waiting for search to complete

updated crash reporter to help identify any sort-ordering issues that could cause problems

updated IP-Location tables to latest registry records

minor adjustments to control placement and layout in a few other areas of the program

We are working on several more improvements and another new release will be posted soon.

Thanks for using Tixati!


- 缓存硬盘上的文件。

- 所有版本的Windows都支持UPnP。

- 能够限制最大下载速度,根据时间返回和调整它们。

- 支持DHT和PeerExchange。

- 来自RSS新闻源的自动加载种子。

- 初始分配方式。















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