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APKPure 3.11.2 更新


- Upgraded installer and added support for multiple APKs installation.??? 

- New: The verified developer icon and devs' names will be displayed on the "ME" page. 

- New: The In-app sharing now requires logging-in, while the other forms of sharing don't. 

- New: My tags - display the tags you added and the apps you added tags on. 

- New: The APK/XAPK upload list will not display apps that cannot be uploaded. 

- Improved the lateral scrolling experience within some sections. 

- Improved the consistency of several UI details. 

- Fixed a bug where the full-size avatar image wouldn't be displayed correctly. 

- Fixed a bug where sometimes a previously closed page would pop up after users tap "Share image". 

- Discontinued the "Create shortcut" feature. 

- Fixed search-related bug 

- Bugfixes and improvements under the hood. 

- Improved app stability.


by Balatan(更新活跃)
- 已移除谷歌联盟广告;
- 禁用Analytics分析
- 已撤销赞助横幅布局
- 已删除所有活动的广告和服务权限;
- 已移除平板电脑中的所有广告横幅布局;
- 移除本地appwall + mopub广告横幅布局;



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