IObitUninstaller,软件卸载利器。IObit Uninstaller 是一款国外优秀的软件卸载工具,支持强制卸载、批量卸载、强力扫描卸载、清理Windows补丁缓存、移除浏览器工具栏和插件及控件、此外还有文件粉碎功能。


Whats New:

+ NEW Install Monitor detects and logs system changes during program installation to ensure all changes can be restored in future thorough uninstall.

+ NEW Software Health helps optimize all your software to make them run smoother and also reduces security risks.

+ Enhanced scan engine to scan leftovers more quickly and thoroughly.

+ Enlarged stubborn program database to remove 150% more stubborn programs.

+ Expanded database to remove 50% more malicious/ads plug-ins for faster and more secure browsing.

+ Added ratings for Windows Apps to help users decide whether to keep them or not.

+ Optimized Software Updater supports selecting and updating multiple programs with one click.

+ Improved File Shredder to wipe out unwanted files effectively and make them unrecoverable.

+ Added support for uninstalling extensions of the latest Firefox 68 and Opera 62.

+ Two skins: Classic & White.

+ Localization: 34 languages.


# 集成进门钥匙文件和便携化引导,启动即为已激活专业版!
# 去自校验,反汇编去主界面底部软件推广营销并禁止后台下载该资源;
# 去主界面左侧操作中心项,这是该公司其它软件推广营销的在线下载;
# 去主菜单多余项:反馈、检查更新、用户手册、技术支持、在线、赞;
# 删除下载器程序、自动升级程序等多余文件、禁止主程序自动检测更新;
# 删除多国语言、错误报告程序、右键菜单模块、资源管理器扩展等模块;
# 预先优化默认设置:启动即为简体中文、皮肤默认改为,清新亮丽!


简体中文:右上角三个横线---Settings---User Interface---Current Language 简体中文即可---OK


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