MobaXterm 是一款远程终端控制软件,操作,简单便捷,MobaXterm专业版内建多标签和多终端分屏,采用sftp文件传输,还支持运程运行X窗口程序,以其强大的功能而深受大众的喜爱。


Version 12.4 (2019-12-01)

New feature: added a new "dark theme" which is much more reactive than the old skins as it is based on Windows native controls

Improvement: increased the SSH-browser sorting speed, in order to avoid MobaXterm slowdowns when listing folders contents

Improvement: color of the "+" button on the tabs bar changes when mouse hovers it

Improvement: themes can now be applied from the global settings window without restarting MobaXterm

Improvement: enhanced drawing speed of files and folders icons into SSH-browser

Improvement: improvements in popup windows for better compatibility with multiple monitors

Improvement: enhanced graphical controls painting speed when their background is not transparent

Improvement: better detection of core files which had been created with another account and are not writable

Improvement: eliminated some flickering effects from the tabs-based graphical components

Bugfix: prevented SSH-browser to switch to SCP mode when using keyboard-interactive authentication without 2 factor authentication

Bugfix: prevented some issues when running MobaXterm from OneDrive folder and using it with several different computers or accounts

Bugfix: when ctrl+clicking on an URL into the terminal, the URL was not properly detected if its last character was a slash




内建X server,可远程运行X窗口程序





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